If I wanted to sell comic books as a business, where would I get the comic books to sell?

I've been wanting to start a business like this on the internet, but I'm having trouble finding suppliers. I have no idea where they could possibly be getting them. Any ideas or links?

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Buy cheap comic lots. Buy people's collections, part or entire collections.

Talk to small business owners in your area.

You might want to work in a shop for awhile.

Diversify your stock, sell more than comics.


1 year ago

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First learn about how comics are rated, graded and as much as you can about the industry. Not all comics are valuable nor in demand. Then find out what comic collectors are buying and selling. I have included links to specific comic book places for you to start learning and to connect with other comic book owners, collectors and sources.

Going to generic sites for specific comic book information is going to waste your time, and likely you're going to get misinformation. Finding suppliers isn't hard if you want to become an affiliate, but if you want to own your comic business that's an entirely different learning experience.

Visit the links, check what others have to say and then decide if this is really what you want to do as a business.


by G N A - 1 year ago

Really comic books?

The business got slaughtered after 2005.

Run away from the comic business! You will make 0$

by Kyle - 1 year ago