Is it Wrong to Not Apply for a Job at a Bank That You Dont Use?

Id Like to Get a Second Part-Time or a Full-Time Job as a Teller at a Bank and Keep My Part-Time Job

I Have Been Trying Countless Times to Apply for a Job at WSFS in Delaware
They Will NOT Hire Me at All No Matter What It Seems Like
There are Many Other Banks Such as Citizens Bank and TD Bank
But I Dont Use Those Banks, I Have and I Dont Really Like Them

But I Have Never Applied for a Job With Them
Would It Be Stupid to Not Apply to Any Of Them Just Because You Dont Use Them and Dont Like Them if I Can Possibly Get a Job With Them ?

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Why are you capitalizing every word? It makes your question very difficult to read.

If you need a job, then you should be applying everywhere that might hire you. Guess you don't really need the job that badly.

1 year ago

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The other advice.......... I'll just drive the point home, too, that your bad writing skills aren't funny - it will effect whether you are hired or not, real often. The capitalization thing makes you seem really odd and maybe not very educated, frankly. A bank is going to pay attention to that. Don't take it badly, I'm serious and trying to help.

by John D - 1 year ago