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    How to just get along just fine?

    At my workplace there are a lot of immature people, full of weird emotions like jealousy, hatred, and envy from each other. When I go around I sense these negative emotions and I become drained, how can I just get along just fine and relax. It's very exhausting for me to swim against all these things. Is there a book you recommend reading? Some tips? Some mindsets? P.S: I put it here cause many small business owners understand these things, and have experience with it that made a difference. Provide me with the neccessary tools
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    If you are the business owner it is your responsibility to create the environment in which your employees labor. Team building exercises or meetings or minimizing contact between conflicting employees or structuring so that coworkers need to collaborate to achieve goals are methods to minimize the issues you speak of. If you are an employee then you have to do your best to ignore "sensing" these negative emotions. You don't say they are directed at you, only that they are out there. Its a little like that "Help me to change the things I can, accept the things I can't and the intelligence to know the difference". Focus on your own work and perhaps you can get to a position where you can influence this situation more directly.
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