say someone wants to give me money online,what i need to have & do to get money?

i mean i need to have a bank with that bank account,and will i have to provide to that man so the money could be transfers to my account.?

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Be safe. Banks nowadays will give you so much hassle. If someone wants to give you money, have them send it to you Western Union. Just tell that person the closest WU to you and have it sent there. Your info and their Bank info is safe. This will tell you if that person is legit. Never give them pertinent information of yourself.

1 year ago

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pay pal google it


by Esther - 1 year ago

Give me your personal information and bank account number and I could fraud you in just a few minutes. Wipe out your entire account.

You need to to be much more careful.
Wise up and get smart.
Online scams are everywhere.

Talk to your parents. Sounds like they need to have a talk with you.
Many young kids tend to be very trusting. You need an adult.

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago