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    Can I include a letter with my inventory of damages with a rental?

    I have to legally send an inventory list of damages to a tenant who moved out. I'm wondering if it's OK to include with it a letter personally to the ex-tenant? I do not understand why he or one of his buddies deliberately pulled the wiring apart from the sprinkler system. It doesn't make any sense to me why it was done other than wanting to hurt me & cost me a lot of money. Also an area right in front of the front door is worn bare from his dog urinating. The dog wasn't allowed in the first place. I finally gave in to the dog staying because it had been there for awhile before I even found out as I don't live on the property. I requested an additional $250.00 deposit above his security for the dog, but this doesn't even begin to cover the sprinklers & the hardwood floor. The security screen door has some holes in it his dog left & the new tenants naturally don't want that either. Just for the door and paying the handyman to install it will be at least $250.00 alone. The hardwood floor still looks beautiful like it did the day he moved in, so he thinks because he left the floor clean it should be OK & I'm just being picky. I haven't even got the estimate of what it will be to make all of the floor match again. I'm scared what it will be. Is there any trick or anything that can be done to make it match? When this guy worked on his cars in the driveway he never bothered to put down towels & slopped oil all over the curbs on each side which is an eye sore now. When I told him I don't see how there will be anything to give him back from his security deposit he said he's taking me to court. He feels because he lived there many years he is entitled to receive it back. I wish I could give it back, then I wouldn't have to pay for all of this.
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    Security deposit from tenants means you protect your property from unwanted damage by tenants. If any maintenance done by tenant could be adjusted in rent, similarly any damage made by tenant should be adjusted in security deposit. So you shoud write a letter attaching damage inventory to your ex-tenant requesting him to fix up those damages within a time limit failing which you will be compelled to fix it by your man and the cost will be adjusted with his security deposit. After repair the remains (if any) of security deposit shall be returned to him and any amount over his security deposit, shall have to pay you back. In case of failure, you will take the shelter of law. You need to be the first to attack him and make the case legal in your favor.
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