i have to come up with a name for my business.?

im a landlord right now of several homes. do i have to put REALESTATE in the name of my business?

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You can create any name you want for a business, but you have to file a DBA (Doing Business As) notice. Your CPA can guide you on the details.

As a landlord, why do you need a "business name"?

Best wishes and good luck.

1 year ago

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No, call it any name that has not already been used.

But do you really need a name?

by Paul D - 1 year ago

owning real estate is a good investment, conditionally--but it is not a business unless there are
many components to it. Or, some people don't once a month revenue/net profits; maybe I am
outdated on that.

what do you do the rest of the mo?? or all of the month when you are not collecting and paying
the sewer bill?

by kemperk - 1 year ago