Save your home help center (Debary, FL) Reviews?

Is this company a scam or have they really helped in lowering mortgages and saving homes?

I have been trying to search for information online and have had little success.

Any feedback would be appreciated

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I don't work for and I'm not affiliate with this company.

This company is listed in the BBB and describes what service they provide on the web site. They don't collect an up front fee. From my time on the website this is what they do for you...

(A) We will contact the lender and obtain information that will disclose all options available to the borrower.
(B) Provide the homeowner with the information obtained from their lender which allows them to make an informed decision.

This information is from the website's about us page.

From the FAQ page you find their fee...

Q8. Once I complete the pre-qualifying process, can I keep you involved?

A. Yes. You cannot entroll with us until we contact your lender/servicer and you decide you need professional help. Our fee is 1,995.00 oayable after services are completed and accepted by you, per our enrolment agreement.

Besides the typos, it's clear enough.

To me this company does not appear to be a scam. How successful they are working for their clients is not clear and I would be wary of using their services.


1 year ago

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Generally, all of these types of companies are scams.

They usually promise you the world, charge you a thousand bucks or so and then do next to nothing.

by Wayne Z - 1 year ago


There are no "save your home" plans.
You work with your lender or you lose your home.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago