I want to set up a business to maintain people's gardens over Christmas?

It's summer here. Don't worry about snow.
Like, just people in my neighborhood. 8$ set fee and it would include weeding, pruning, lawn mowing and watering of plants. Unless the person has a really big garden. I'd put starting at 8 dollars a day on the flier haha.
My question is will I need to file a business permit kind of thing, or can I just set it up without contacting anyone from the government? I'm 14, but I turn 15 on Christmas. I don't care much about birthdays.

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i disagree with my peer, Christian K; your rate is excellent and may be even high; I used to do all that
you are offering to do for --seriously ---75 cents a day! [yes, that WAS a "few " years ago!]

you may not file this with any city/county gov body BECAUSE you can not do it as a biz, only as a hobby
because of your age! [and if you get hired, never allow anyone to "pay you later."

luck to you !!! [first first "company" was selling orange juice at age 7. 25 cents a glass!!

1 year ago

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Yes you can do that. But $8 is not very much. I would charge more for those services. especially lawn mowing. Most people pay lawn services to do this sort of thing for them--call around in your area and ask what they charge. (You don't have to tell them why you're asking.) No, you don't need a business permit.

by Christin K - 1 year ago