On average, would you get paid more working for a small or large business?

AND why would that be?

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Large businesses tend to pay more.

At the top the business is much more complicated and managers control many more employees.
The big businesses tend to be more selective, have tighter standards for education, drug usage, etc which reduces the number of possible hires which makes the wage rate higher.

Small companies tend to have fewer rules, be more flexible in their treatment.

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Big Bidness = Big $$$$$.

And why shouldn't it be? Big companies rake in millions of revenue and can pay more.

Small companies are more frugal by nature and that tends to hit you in the wallet as an employee, but one thing they do have is fewer headaches.

Want a big ass salary and all the headaches that go with it? go big. Want a life outside of work that lets you squeek by on the simple life. Small is where its at.

by bigdan6974 - 1 year ago