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    Can ebay sellers cheat on bidding?

    I was bidding on a idem and i was out bidded and i let the idem go. Then a day later i won it at my max bid i placed. Im guessing the seller had a shill account and out bid me and canceled his bid at the last minutes. i sent a message and the seller said he had to cancel the bid cause a under age kid bid on the idem and was messaged to cancel the bid, i personally think it's a lie. And he did the samething with an other idem but the idem has not ended yet. My question is can they do this and if not how do i go about reporting them? And if i can't report them can i leave a feed back saying how i think they cheated on the bidding.
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    Shill bidding does happen but it is closely watched by eBay. You can report it as a suspect transaction. But there are far more "kid bidders" than shill bidders who stuff everyone around (buyers and sellers) because anyone can make an eBay account even a 8 year old! Of course they can't really pay and they are only joking around. If the other bid was cancelled off, your max bid can only be left as more than the next highest bidder. So there must have been more than just this other person bidding. Check the items bid history (it doesn't give you "real eBay IDs " for privacy reasons but it does show how many other bidders there were). It happens, people cancel their own bids off and sellers cancel bids off. You can't assume that if you are outbid that you mightn't end up winning because if cancelled off bids. It's happened to me. If you don't want the item now, you can ask the seller to cancel the sale. But that's his choice. If you say you think the sale is suspicious and youre reporting it he might be more inclined to cancel the sale. Otherwise as the winning bidder (by means fair or foul) you are expected to pay or get an unpaid bidder strike yourself.
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    • ITEM. And you won the item at the price you wanted to pay, so why are you complaining?

      by rtfm - 8 minutes ago

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