How to start your own dance company buisness?

Hi my name is claire as you can see i already ask what my company will be called and now i would want to know how to make my own dance company business!? Plz no dumb or cruel comments thxs!;)

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Your best bet is to go to a successful dance school in your area and to talk to the owner there. Let them know your ambitions, and that you would like to ask them some questions regarding the business itself so you know what you're getting into.

Ask them about the market - how often do they have dances sign up?
Ask them about labour costs - how much do they pay their teachers? Assistant teachers? After so long of being in business, at what point do they see a return of their investment?

etc. Ask as many questions as you can, and bring a notepad!

1 year ago

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do market research
write a biz plan
get back to me

luck to u

by kemperk - 1 year ago