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I'm 15 years old and I babysitted two boys ages 2 and 4 for six hours and I was payed $30. I was expecting at least minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour in my state. Should I have been paid more than $30?

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If it was in the day and you didnt have any plans $30 seems pretty fair but if it went past 10:00pm and u had plans 4 the day u probably should of gotten around $40 or more.
It sounds alot like what happened to me, im 15 too and was asked to bbysit my old neighbors two boys for six hours ( one is a 10 month old) until 3:00pm. and i had to wake up early the next day (6:00) and i would b extreamly tired but they promised me lots of $ so i said yea. When i was done bby sitting they ended up only paying me $15! ( canadian $) and that is a rip off. I know how horrible it is but i think $30 is a good price because people usually never really pay minimum wadge 4 bbysitting. I would have loved to get payed minimum wadge though cause here in stratford ontario minimum wadge is $10.25 .
Next babysitting job u get make sure your clear on the price b4 u start.

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Babysitting is NOT covered by minimum wage laws at the federal level. I doubt it is at the state level either.

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