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    I work at this one place as a 1099 and they always take a long time to pay me.....please read details for info?

    Anyways my employer has me working normal business hours, (everyday except weekends, not open) and also going on business trips once in a while. Basically full time but, they don't want to pay me salary so I'm a 1099 and I keep track of my own hours and turn in an invoice every so often with my hours and reimbursements. My only complaint is that they always take a very long time to pay me. Once I turn my time card in, I'm lucky if I get to see my money within a month. I've asked them about why it takes up to a month to be payed and they said payments go by a list of priority. I guess I'm last on the list after being there for two years going on 3! If it wasn't really really good money I would have left by now. Is this legal for them to be taking so long every time to pay me? Isn't there some maximum legal time limit that they "have" to pay me within or is what they are doing totally okay and within the law?
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    If you're a 1099, then you are a separate business entity. Which means you have a say in how you will accept payment. If you want to get paid sooner then just find out who signs the checks and have a conversation with them about the priority level you hold and if there's a way to speed up the payment process. Before you do check into the following things: If you signed a contract with them, look through it to see if they defined your payment terms. Being able to change those terms will require their cooperation. Read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." There's a way to approach the situation that won't result in them finding another person to do your job. Prepare for the conversation before you have it, and make sure you talk about their needs and priorities and how paying you in a timely fashion helps to meet those needs. To answer your last questions, unless they are taking longer than the defined payment term, they aren't breaking any laws that I am aware of. If they are the way you would get them to pay you quicker is to sue them for specific performance of the contract you have. Which clearly is not a great way to get on their good side. Refer back to the how to win friends section of this response. Its your best bet.
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