how to encourage my friend to get in the car business?

my friend is really good at fixing bmw cars. he works full time at a sun glasses store which he doesn't make that much money. his part-time job is fixing bmw cars at his house. people really like him because he charges them a good price. he's really good at what he does. heres the problem. i dont know how to persuade him to get in this business. he's good and there are some people who are interested. he said fixing cars is tiring blah blah blah. he said it's too risky. i don't know what to say anymore. i'm tired of hearing excuses. how do I encourage him to open a car business?

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Some people you can't convince. If he is happy then let him be. Being a business owner takes a certain type of person. Sounds like that he just doesn't have it in him. At least right now. People waste their talent everyday. Just be his friend and support his decision whether you agree or not. Maybe someday he'll come around.

1 year ago