Do you considered "Talk Fusion" as a "Money Game Business" ?

There were lots of MLM businesses nowadays like the Talk Fusion. But I'm not sure if this works smoothly. I mean, they are telling you that you can get rich in no time, but to me, this is bullshit stuff. The negative thing about this is that I've heard lots of people getting fooled. I mean in order to join, you must first pay the registration fee and transfer it to the company's bank account. And in the end, you just get a small profit and even nothing! So if you already imagine that you will get a nice big house with swimming pool, with 3 sport cars, and travel around the world as much as you want, then you are day-dreaming. It's all bullshit, isn't it? What do you think?

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If you had WOT in your browser, you would know it is a scam.


1 year ago