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    How do I break it to this new girl at my place of work that she didn't make the team?

    I mean don't get me wrong I don't mind giving a neighbor a job hookup but my neighbor asked if she could audition to be one of the messenger girls and she was under-qualified and her mother was in the room during the interview
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    You have the following options: If you are friendly enough with this person...tell her that bringing her mother to a job interview is a HUGE no-no. This is NOT high school. That any opportunity that might exist for her, considering that she doesn't have the qualification; was shot down when you demonstrated that she is not independent enough to come apply for the job ALONE. Of, if you are strictly on a business only basis....Tell her that she didn't have the qualifications the job requires. and just leave it at that. Hopefully she will grow up and learn to handle life on her own two feet...alone.
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    • What would you rather 1 shot to the head and die straight away of 6 shots to the chest and bleed to death my point is just tell her straight of

      by Ethan - a day ago

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