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    I just started an online business. Can I write off my internet bill and cell phone bill on taxes since they ar?

    a few seconds ago 2 Answers

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    yes you can for the reason you said they are both used/required for the business but u will need to include them in your income&expenditure records & keep the phone & internet bills as they are your receipts/proof of purchase. without receipts or other proof of purchases you cannot claim on anything
    3 years ago

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    • you would declare the income you have made from the business. then if the internet and cell you got are strictly for the business then you can use those amounts as a full deduction, if they are only used for the business part of the time and personal the rest then what you do is determine the percentage of the month they are used for business and use that same percent of the bill amounts as a deduction.

      by alicialions - 12 hours ago

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