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    I want to start selling stuff on ebay, hen someone buys my items. how do i ship/mail/send it to them?

    how would i package the item and how would i send it to the person, would i have to print something out and put it on the package? i really want to start selling stuff but idk how to get send.. any info would help.
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    Hello! It's quite simple.You should have received an "email" of the purchase,and in it containing the address,name, etc..To ship the item "You" must locate a post Office near by,they will have shipping packages.You don't have to print the Info but I would recommend that you do.It makes things a bit easier at the post office.Just go into the POST OFFICE and ask for the box that would fits the item.Then you will have to write on the box(the box will contain a address sticker) the address you're sending it to.And last but not least,give the box to the post man/women who is there and pay for what ever kind of shipment you would like to send it as. Exp.(Express,One day Shipping,overnight shipping,regular etc... And they will ask if you want the tracking number or signature transaction for it.That's all up to you.. Good luck ! =)
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    • If your not going to sell your own stuff, go to a drop ship company and sell their stuff. This way you don't have to worry about holding stock, they ship for you out of their warehouse. When you sign-up with one you can ask them about the payment process.

      by David - 14 hours ago

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