How do you make money online?

I make money as a freelance writer and publish, but I was wondering how other people are making money online? How much work per week? How good is the pay so far?

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There are too many scams out there, but I will tell you about a site that I think it’s what you are looking for. Since you are a writer and publisher, all the tools you will need to do this are your writing skills and to write about something you have a lot of passion for.

I am far from being a writer, but I was able to create a website that makes me over 1000 USD a month so far, and I've only had the website up for 6 months. I write about something I know very well which is where I am currently living, Beijing, China. You create content for a website and that attracts visitors. You can sell advertizing, sign up with affiliates, sell you own goods, sell eBooks, bring traffic to your eBay page, bring traffic to a local business you might have, the possibilities are truly endless!

If you want to read about my full story, you can visit my website for more in-depth information about how I am making money online. If I can do it, anyone can do it! Take a look here:


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Rob, there are a lot of scams out there so you have to really be careful. if you really want to make money online maybe this will help. 8ac4fd4mfk2ufq4e7dud2karb1.hop.clic... the only program i bought so far that really works. it's about affliate marketing. good luck!


by 芝瑀 - 1 year ago

most websites that you make money online from are either scams or would take foreeever to get a decent amount I'm not sure of any websites for freelance writers but maybe you could start a blog and with google adsense every time someone goes on your blog and rolls over/clicks on an ad you will get money for it readers digest also pays people who submit stories in the website below gives points for doing things like watching videos clicking links and doing surveys you can then redeem your points for amazon items paypal/checks you probably won't make alot of money doing this maybe $20 a week depending on what your like but at least I know this one isn't a scam and when you first sign up they start you off with enough points for a minor item at least e.g headphones/memorystick


by rachel - 1 year ago

I'm making my money online through Internet Marketing. Basically working as much as I want per week, and the pay is very good.

It's all about building residual income so you don't have to work at all.

There's always going to be times where you have to set something up, or start a new campaign, but a lot of the time it's auto pilot and self sufficient.


by Jay - 1 year ago