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    Would these things sell well online?

    I plan on trying everything on Craigslist first. Then maybe E bay if it makes a good enough profit on Craigslist. This is what I have found that I may be able to make that some people said will sell well: -Scrunchies. (I have loads of material and my mom has a sewing machine so I wouldn't need to spend anything as far as I know) - Duck tape wallets. (I have made a couple before) - Wreaths? Like fall, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.. - Pot holders. - Wood burning. (I have some wood that is in great shape and I also have a wood burning tool. So it wouldn't cost anything and I have done it before.) -Dog and cat clothes. Gift baskets. Like I would buy stuff from dollar stores that are good. Put it together and get some plastic to put over it. -Jewelry. Ear rings, necklaces, key chains, phone chains, etc... Would any of those things sell well online. Btw, I'm a 14 year old girl. And I would use my parents E bay account. (with their permission of coarse) Thanks!
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    All of those things can sell pretty well, but there's two things: lots of people are making those things, and you need to connect with customers. Well, there's three things - people need to like things enough to want them and to give you money for them. Meaning they need to be well made, attractive, durable, and all that stuff. You might do better, since Xmas is coming, at some of the Xmas fairs around. Churches have them a lot, and you need to pay for a space but sometimes it's cheap. People will buy that sort of stuff much easier if they are in person, just walking by. I'm not sure how well Craigslist will do. Ebay is crowded, and there's also etsy - www.etsy.com - which has a lot of that sort of stuff. It can be hard to sell that sort of thing because a lot of people are making the same sort of stuff. You have to stand out from the crowd. I applaud your trying at your age, though.
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