What are some good ideas for websites?

I want to challenge myself. Over the past year, I have learned many things in web development, and I want to put my skills to the test. Sometime in the future, I wish to open a website to turn a profit. (i.e. An online buisness, or service.) Any ideas on what to make a web-based buisness?

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Web development only provides a business an opportunity to offer their service. For a business to be profitable, it must have some significant competitive advantage, uniqueness, or superior service. It sounds like you are skilled in web development, but not business or you don't have a business idea. You should freelance your services on elance or some other site. This allows you to sell your skills to people with business ideas. If you learn some business skills, you may even be able to negotiate equity pay with the company (rather than getting paid $$, you get shares of the company. If you think the company has a very bright future, this could be extremely profitable for you).

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Find a restaurant in your town with a web site that sucks, or without a web site. Offer to improve it in return for a meal or two. Repeat until you have half a dozen successful designs under your belt; by "Successful" I mean if there are three Chinese places in town, and your design comes up first or second for the Google search "Chinese restaurant in ____", or four people a day get a free dessert by mentioning the code word of the day from the site. Then start charging money.

by Ted Pack - 1 year ago

OK, well there are multiple things you could do. For one thing, think about some interests of yours. Sports, shopping, political debates, war, there are an infinite number of things you could make your website on. It also depends if you want to make money off it. Either way, look for something that you like, or even better LOVE, and that's also something people would want to read or watch. Something as simple as music or videos are some popular ideas. Happy typing/website making! Also you could find out what to put on a website by what you or your friends are into. For instance my friend is into soccer so am I. So now i could go find out other people that would go check out my website

by Admyo - 1 year ago

There are huge amounts of possibilities with making money on the internet. Your website is your shop or stall, and the shoppers are the whole world. Making a good website is key. Would you shop for your weekly groceries at a supermarket that looks fresh, clean and inviting or a run down shop with broken windows, a ruined logo and poor attitude? Its the same with websites. Creating your own websites is a good way to get what you want for cheaper, and learn and maintain it maximising your profits. Have a look at they offer video tutorials on the whole subject of PHP website design language.


by Peter - 1 year ago