on ebay, can i take down my items even though the auction hasn't ended and sell them for a different price?

no one hasn't bidded on the item yet
i am selling three pairs of jeans for the price of one and now i want to sell them i allowed to do that?

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You would have to really check the fine print
in the Ebay contract, however, I believe
you can end an auction early, you will have
forfeited the auction fee that you have paid
but if that works for you ... whatever ...

Consumerism is NOT sustainable.

2 years ago

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Hi. Yes, as long as there are no bids on your items you are allowed to end the auction early.

As someone else mentioned, you will probably lose out on the listing fee, if there was one.

by amontef - 2 years ago


by Rudolf Qnan - 1 year ago

Just end the auction early as long as there are no bids.

by Jadzia Dax - 1 year ago