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    Need advice from managers?

    I need advice from managers. I've been in a new position for about 4 months. Part of my role that I've been doing for a month or so involves sending out letters (that entail to our organization). During the last 1/2 hour before we were leaving I accidentally grabbed the wrong envelopes so my letters ( and everyone elses which is 4 or five people) were sent with the wrong return address. Someone else caught this but if they hadn't, these letters would have been sent with the wrong envelopes. It was really just a horrible day to the ending of a horrible week.. I plan to discuss this with my supervisor but I want to hear from managers. How big of a mistake is this? I posted this earlier. I talked to my boss about it and he said it was fine because it was caught by someone. But, I still feel bad, once more I feel bad that I cost people twenty minutes or so on there quotas. My suggestion is to ask my manager to dock my pay for a day. Does this sound suitable to you in consideration for the error?
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    Everyone makes mistakes and you're blowing this way out of proportion. I've made worse mistakes that actually weren't caught by others until it was too late, and you learn from it. (By replying to all to a message I accidentally let one company know that I personally was dealing with testing not just for them but also for their direct competitors. Thank goodness it was at least a month before the major deal was announced publicly or it could have been much worse). Learn from this, but don't beat yourself up. Asking for your pay to be docked is foolish - the guilt you feel is a far bigger motivator for not making the same mistake twice.
    3 years ago

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