what would a vendor's license to sell handbags at a flea market, allow me to do?

what is the purpose of a vendors license cause the owner of the flea market said all I need is a sales tax permit

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it would allow you to sell handbags at a flea market. It's possible that different states require one but yours doesnt. or that that owner doesnt require one but others do.

2 years ago

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If you go to a flea-market as a standard everyday punter, you might think everything is laid out totally at random. That's very unlikely to be the case.

Over time informal rules will have evolved - so that Stall#3 doesn't try to steal customers from Stall#12 and vice versa. And, maybe the stuff that Stall#2 sells isn't gonna impact too heavily on the stuff being sold by Stall#10. You will have a vendor's licence to sell handbags and accessories, but you won't be able to sell shoes (say).

Talk to the other vendors - they will have some experience of this and be able to give you better advice than we can here on Y!A.

by cornflake#1 - 2 years ago