Why do black ppl sell weed cheap?

So this happen like 5 months ago and me and my friend were at a bus station and this black dude asked us if we wanted to buy some weed at first we said naww and latrr on another black person asked us if we wanted to buy some weed and we said.ok so he took out a 30 sack and he said it was a 15 but I know my weed very well, and I told him I didt have enough money I only had 11 dollars but then he said its alright so then we exchange and yea dats about it. Btw its weird how they asked us if we wanted to buy and not the other ppl.

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Because they probably have a lot of a either seedy, crappy cron that they just wanted to get rid of. Either that of they wanted to pawn it off fast because they stole it. You know black people and stealing...

2 years ago

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only coincidence

by kemperk - 2 years ago