Small business question about hiring friends, please read and respond!?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The more responses for me to read just means the more opinions to help me make a good choice.

Ok, I have a small business. I have always been told 2 things; never do a partnership, and never hire friends, or friends of a friend to work for you. Now I have an accountant who is a friend working for my business, I don't see that being what people mean't by friend work for me since I use him maybe once a month by phone and he is not involved in day to day operations. Recently, he put me in a bad position and asked me to hire his now ex-girlfriend as a favor, being a sucker, I did. So she recently went off the deep end mentally, not an opinion-fact when she gets checked into a psych-ward, my accountant(friend) and his girlfriend broke up(she actually is a compulsive liar). So anyways, I got sucked right into being the mediator of the whole break up. I did a good job at first if I may say so myself, no one died, no things thrown from the 3rd story apartment. Now in that process I learned this girl, physically harms herself; cuts the wrists and abuses drugs(all facts, again not opinion, shes got the lines across the wrists, admitted it, and has been busted with illegal substances), can't say I am surprised, but its sad. Here is where I went wrong, I tried to be nice to her and connect her up with a women's group that deals with headcases and meets at a local church. I didn't want to find out she killed herself or something because of the break-up or fact I fired her for being unreliable and looked cracked out 24-7, she laughed when I told her to take a drug test, she thought it was a joke. She took it as a chance to try and mind screw me, and physically screw me to get back at my friend, her ex boyfriend. I kept her physically at bay by never meeting with her honestly, however I did call her out on her lies when she claimed my friend physically and verbally abused her. There were a lot more lies I don't want to explain but you get the idea. I told her to stop telling people those lies because its illegal to defame someones name and if it was true abuse she needed to report it or shut up.

Now here is what I need your opinion on, I learned never hire a friend to work for you the hard way, but do I keep my friend the accountant or tell him to hit the road? He doesn't directly work for me, he just does my taxes, but letting him go as my accountant will kill the friendship totally because I know how he is. I don't want to do that, but right now I am a bit lost on what is the right thing to do. Please share your own stories and give me opinions on what to do now.

Trust me I know I was stupid for hiring her in the first place, but my friend(accountant) did me a lot of favors and I felt guilty to say no when he approached me and asked me to hire her. He could buy me a Ferrari tomorrow and I wouldn't hire anyone again that's linked to him. Also should I call the police and have them do a wellness check on the girl, given all her issues, shes probably cutting away as we speak, sick to say, even more sad its likely true.

What do I do? Best part was I said in the beginning to keep the relationship separate from business and they agreed, yet dragged me right in, the only reason I took an extra step is because I was genuinely worried the girl may hurt herself. Not a funny issue to me.

Do I keep my accountant?
Do I call the police to do a wellness check on her?

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Well... hard way to learn that

It is just possible that over time, and long after establishing a BOSS-SUBORDINATE relationship first; that you might be on friendly terms with employees...BUT, starting with a friend..or even the friend of a friend is a really bad idea. They will always impose upon you, they will always believe they deserve special consideration and special treatment....and you can never break that relationship without bad feelings and the loss of both the friend and the employee.

So... sorry to have no choice but to end it. Dismiss both of them and never do this again.
be concerned all you not bring that into your business.

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but letting him go as my accountant will kill the friendship totally because I know how he is
---that is not a friend. friends don't do that.

give him a task, to be done by him; you want the biz audited. Immediately.

find another cpa or acct. release both of them.

wipe all the activities they have done from your history or learn from it.

friends in the biz can be good if kept to a limited status.

a partnership can be valuable too, depending on what the written agreement says and who the
mediator is.

I can guide further; check out my bio

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