Best way to sell an expensive item on Craigslist?

I'm looking to a synthesizer for about 700 dollars, and was wondering what was the best way to make sure I didn't get a bounced check, fake cash, etc?

I was personally thinking of asking the person to meet at my bank so I can have the check go through? Or does it take a while for a check to be determined fake or not enough funds in the person's account?

Maybe have them bring cash to the bank?

Any other meeting spots or methods of selling this item?

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Re-read the Craigslist guidelines. No checks. None. Don't accept any form of payment other than cash. Meet at the bank or a police station (or sub-station). The scammers won't show up at the police station.

Ignore any email response that says "Still available?". Ignore any buyers who are temporarily out of the country. Ignore any buyer who mentions checks or money orders or PayPal. Ignore any buyer who asks you to immediately remove your synthesizer ad (they are positive that they will buy it).That eliminates 90% of the scammers.

2 years ago

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Yes you can meet up if that person lives nearby and first they have to send you the miney or check than you aens the item so before you send the item and you have the cash or check, check if its real or fake than send your item so you wont get lied to. Thats what my beothet did he got a fake check but thank god he didnt send his item so before you send your item check money than.

by Anna - 2 years ago

i used to be a user of CL; then, I discovered the scam artists AND rapists also discovered CL and the
owner of CL refuses to provide security to buyers or sellers and when that was discovered, DAs around the nation now have to protect those who refused to protect themselves and the Nigerians who live to scam
took over the list.

I now would not take CL if you gave it to me. About 1 in 100 posters are NOT scammed; roll the dice.

by kemperk - 2 years ago