Vending Machine charged me 5 times?

swiped my debit card in coca cola vending machine
tried several times and finlly got one drink
later i checked my bank balence
i was charged 4 other times when i got nothing
what do i do?

2 years ago - 2 answers

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I would go to the place where you saw that vending machine and ask to see the manager/supervisor of that building. When you finally find him, ask him if he knows anything about the vendor that brought in that vending machine. If you receive absolutely no information about it, I would wait there for at least a week until you finally see the guy that comes to take the change and ask him for who you could contact regarding vending machines. When you do find out, take your bank statement to Coca Cola or wherever and tell them what happened. It's a long process, but you will get your money back somehow.


2 years ago

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Report in writing to the owners of the Vending Machine and also your bank. You will be reimbursed.

by RAJU APPUKUTTAN - 2 years ago