How do I make a small online store?

I want to make a small online store to sell my homemade jewelry. Does anyone know how to do this or if there is like a system I could download. Or maybe is there like a company that does it for you and charges a fee per month. Anything helps!

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1)Register a domain name and find a web hosting server.
2)Create the online store
3)Promote your online store through SEO, PPC, Social Media or other online marketing techniques.

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2 years ago

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Ebay ! Ebay ! Ebay!

by Jennifer - 2 years ago

i am going to start my online stor very soon if you are interested then contact me

by aman s - 2 years ago

visit it ,it provides free e commerce site

by Ragul - 2 years ago

you can create own online store but you'll never get the same volume of people looking for stuff as working with ebay.

by Julio C - 2 years ago