What kind of phone system to retail stores use?

And do they keep internal phone records for different department?

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There are almost as many different phone systems installed as there are retail stores themselves. Many stores get by with single line or inexpensive multi-line phones. These are your small retailers, the corner deli, dry cleaners, shoe repair shops, etc. For more information-intensive companies, more complex solutions are required. Every CVS Pharmacy has a Vertical Communications system installed and Vertical also supplies Toys R Us, Pizza Hut, etc. Each application is different, but yes, call logs, recordings and other data may be used to provide business intelligence. The article "Retail IT: How Important is the Phone?" (see link below) by Gary Bronson, Corporate IT expert with specific experience in retail, provides an excellent perspective on how Vertical's technology, especially mobility, can enhance retail applications, maintain simplicity and flexibility and drive sales and growth.


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call 5 chains and ask them


by kemperk - 2 years ago