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    GOOD, UNIQUE small business ideas for teenagers?

    I'm looking to start my own business to get experience and rake in some cash along with my regular job. What are some good ideas that aren't too common? I'm thinking of opening my own small photography business but want better ideas. Anyone got some good, unique ones?
    5 months ago 3 Answers

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    Get a sheet & a movie projector. Rent G-rated stuff..Simpson Halloween stuff this month. Set up your garage or back yard to show movies. Hang up flyers..Saturday Night Movie..name..$1.00. & house address. Start early with kid stuff on your block..get known & liked by parents so they trust you & YOUR EMPLOYEE (like a sister). Then set a night for teens..maybe have rock music play during intermission. Eventually you may want to move your discount movie to a Church & charge $2.50 a ticket so you can pay the church for the space. I did that when I was 13 & made the news too! Good Luck!
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    • How to start an online T-shirt business? Today it is very easy to start an online t-shirt business. You only need 3 things: A laptop You need a laptop to process your online transactions, to make designs if you are planning to make your own design and to print you t-shirts if you are planning to use a DTG (direct to garment) printer. A website Today it is very easy to create a website. There are a lot of free website providers on the Internet. You just go there and pick a free template. You can design it on your own and have a professional do it for you if you want your website to look more professional. And the better your website look the more you will be able to attract customers. list of few free website builders: http://www.designzzz.com/free-online-website-builders/ T-shirts Some t-shirt suppliers give you the option to send them your designs, and they can ship the shirts to you with the design already on. In this case, all you will have to do is to sell the finished product without having to worry about their customization. To reduce the cost, you can buy a heat press and transfer papers, so you can yourself put the design on the t-shirts. You can also buy a DTG (direct to garment) printer and you can directly print your designs on your t-shirts without having to use transfer papers. List of few DTG printers’ providers: Oprintjet, Anajet, Brother jet, Veloci jet You will also need to • Register as a business and get your tax ID • Promote and market your website to attract more customers • Sell your products on popular ecommerce websites such as eBay and Amazon, which will give your products more exposure • Get counseling from lawyers so you don’t violate any laws. Especially laws concerning the type of designs you are allowed to use.

      by Joelle Tchuenche - 7 hours ago

    • Taking care of peoples yards and pets while they are away from home on vacation.

      by Fred F - 7 hours ago

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