What certificate do i need for home cleaning?

not commercial cleaning

I want to prepare to start a business like Merry Maids. what certificates do i need.
in boston
what is the name of the certificate that i need for basic in home cleaning.
i'm just starting out here. i want to work on getting certificates but i don't know exactly what. don't they have a generic in home certificate. i see they have them for window washer etc.. but not for basic home cleaning.

i'm sure they do i just dont know the name of it

thank you

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I wouldn't think you would need a certificate for the actual cleaning part of it. However, to start a business, you would need to obtain a business license for your city, and maybe your state (Depending on where you live). You may also want to take some business classes, to learn the aspect of running a business.

2 years ago

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by Uncommon Sense - 2 years ago

None are needed except registering your business with the IRS and the Mass. State Tax Authority.
Check out their websites. You do need to purchase liability insurance.

by Ariaread - 2 years ago

No certificate required for home cleaning.

by Alisha Swami - 2 years ago