How can i keep track of my inventory without any bar codes?

I have a small makeup stand in a salon and my makeup doesn't have any barcodes to keep track of, what is the best way to keep track of my inventory without over complicating it. Cause I have to think of color and type (ex cream concealer and liquid concealer, or duo powder and translucent powder...) I know excel is the best way but i don't have a computer, only my iphone and i have to make sure no one takes anything since im not always there.

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Do it the old fashioned way---> By Hand. Do a daily report. Maybe even keep a list to check off when you sell an item. See if it matches the hand count. You should have 1 1/2 - 2 times of inventory on hand that you sell for that ordering period. I'm not sure that I would use a computer for such a small amount of inventory. Hope that helps out!

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Lay out your goods so people can see them and when they take the last one you can see to reorder
Some people use racks or display stands to do this

You could complicate this by using a maximum and minimum stock holding system There are mathematical formula's for calculating these numbers and also re-ordering levels

Ask your supplier to help it is their interest that you sell more


by Joe Davis - 2 years ago