business owners: What is the phrase you dread most from potential clients?

For me it's: "I can do it myself, but I don't want to..."

When that phrase falls out of a client's mouth; I know from experience, that they will try to nickel and dime me to death, try to micromanage the job, and in general just be a pain in the arst.

How about you?

2 years ago - 5 answers

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"I'm one of your best customers."

Only the ones that are truly pains in ass say this.

2 years ago

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Not an answer: But you should ask in Car Buying / Transportation.
See if you can get a car salesman to answer you.
Those answers should be interesting.

by Go with the flow - 2 years ago

Can you send me 5,000 by next week.

I am trying to build this new business up a bit at a time...and worry that I will lose their permanently if I get the big orders before I am geared up enough to handle them.

by deb s - 2 years ago

My nightmare is, "Our budget has been revised and..."

by I Like Turtles - 2 years ago

"Your idea is good but I don't think it will be of great help to our business/company"

by ? - 2 years ago