Do I need some kind of diploma to start a cleaning service business?

I honestly hate school. Never have liked it and the only reason I'm still going it's for my parents. In school I have had some business classes and I think that's something I wanna do. I have worked with my mom for over 5 years in her cleaning service job. For years we have tried to make this job big. Not to long ago someone told me I was really good with business. Since then this idea came to mind. I can start a cleaning service company and make my money off of that without having to go to high school or college. Now my only problem is I do not know if I need some kind of school diploma. Can someone help??

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No you do not. I did not graduate high school or take any business courses and I have a very successful cleaning business. I have been doing cleaning for about 7 yrs now and I keep getting more jobs through word of mouth from my current clients. I am very passionate about cleaning, I ALWAYS make sure each and every client is completely satisfied and most have passed my name along to family and friends looking for a cleaner. I LOVE MY JOB and wouldn't trade it for anything. You need insurance and tax ID number for tax purposes and then your set to go. Hope I helped!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

2 years ago