Is this acceptable behavior on his part, i feel so insignificant?

i work part time as a waitress for some extra pocket money and every once in a while you get jerks as customers and i can handle that but ive never been called names and made fun of before, usually the problems are with the orders but nothing personal until this time. A regular whom i had noticed but never served before called me as "blondie" and then he started speaking so fast that i couldn't write it all down and when i asked him if he could please slow down he said something like "wow, how stupid can you be girl, your job is to take my order" i was so devastated by it that i was near tears, i feel like **** and i certainly got my feelings hurt....i mean how can you take an order if the customer doesn't give you time to write it down, anyway do you think that i should just not in the right kind of job, i dont need a job where people are rude to me all the time

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I would not quit over something like this, it is this stuff that makes you stronger so just fight back the tears and get on with it... you can develop some defensive tactics, you could for instance bring a tiny one button recorder and just pretend you are not writing anything, just record it then you can play it back and write it


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Humans will be humans. Nothing u can change:(

by Selena - 2 years ago

First, you said:

"...every once in a while you get jerks as customers..."

and then you say:

"...i dont need a job where people are rude to me all the time" (sic)

Which is it? All the time or only on occasion?

If it's "all the time", it might suggest that you are not very good at your job,
and in that case: yes, you should get another one or receive more training.

If, however, it's merely on occasion that someone is rude to you, then
I would recommend either finding an occupation that keeps you from
having to deal with the public (because it takes a degree of "thick skin"
to deal with the public) or try to find a way to deal with your own

Either way, practicing good grammar and punctuation would be a great
way to improve your communication skills. Doing that alone might help
with your overall situation.

by Pug Marr - 2 years ago

hey dear
if some one does this again slap him leave job
you have your dignity
n best luck

by its me - 2 years ago