Where Can I Sell My Homemade Jewelry?

I am 14 years old and I make homemade jewelry and I would like to sell them online. I have tried ebay but I have to get a paypal card and I don't think I am old enough to get a paypal card. I have also been showing my friends but they cant suggest anything. So does anyone know where I can sell my jewelry? Please Help!!!!

2 years ago - 2 answers

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You don't have to worry anymore my dear. The best people whom you can tap to buy your home made jewelry are your family and friends.

You can also spread the word to potential customers by posting it on your social media profiles that you have jewelry to sell. I am pretty sure you will get customers and you might be lucky to land a designer who will nurture your talent more.

2 years ago

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You dont need a paypal card just a paypal account and a bank acct. Try craigslist

by Harley's Bombshell - 2 years ago