What should I name my snow shoveling business?

So I know itskinda early for this but I am getting a jump start on clients. I am 14 and starting a snow shoveling business. I am just not sure what to call it!! Also is 10$ a decent amount per driveway?

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A 14 year old, young teenage girl, thinking on how to get a jump start on clients, and snow season has not even started. I'm sure in about, 10 years to 15 years, I'm going to be reading about you taking over the business world, on the cover of "The Wall Street Journal", no doubt about it.

Back to your question,
● Names, I'm drawing a blank, right now,
● Prices, Call or walk around your neighborhood, to find out the price people were willing to pay last year. Then decide, this prevents you from charging to low.
● Other Points, During your walk around the neighborhood, start saving telephone numbers, remembering faces and names. This will help you start closing deals. Try to bring a parent or an older sibling with you, just to prevent any problems from occurring.

I started at 10, and I use to call the same people, of my snow shoveling business, again in the springtime, for dog walking or lawn care services. I always had my older 15 year old brother with me. Be Safe.

2 years ago

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Haha name it snoproblem. Haha. Pretty good eeeh

by jerek - 2 years ago

[Your name here]'s Snow Removal.

Snow Be Gone.

by ThatGirl1989 - 2 years ago