Help get business started, allergy friendly cake shop?

I have been working on cake recipes for 2 years now and have finally perfect a healthy allergy friendly cakes. I have the time now to fully pursue selling my creations but need help. I really don't know where to start. I have been dabbing in on prices, cake boxes, and looking into all the licensing. But where do I start? Should I create an online business until I can open up a shop? I am new at this and need to brain storm with someone. Thank you for your input.

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I had a friend start up her cupcake business in her home. she got in with the local newspaper or made little flyers so people could call and place their orders. she made enough money to open up a small shop . So I would start like that. make some flyers or business cards. advertise on Facebook or something. :)


2 years ago

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You need to have a shop first to create an online business. First find a location. Then you have to go to a local health department and present your idea. They can help you from there. Its their job.

by mits - 2 years ago

Do your homework on the competition.
Make sure you are not in a "nice" area where people like to eat healthy.
They don't like lard, fat, butter, sugar, etc.

In our city 3 cake and cupcake shops have opened in the past year.
Only one is still in business.

by Silly Goose - 2 years ago