Any tips on starting a new job?

I got a job offer from Yankee Candle today and I took it. I've never had a job other than babysitting and helping out a family friend. I'm going there Wednesday to fill out paperwork and will probably start soon after. Any tips? I've never worked with a cash register either. The position I applied for is a Cashier/Sales Associate.

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It's cashier stuff. It's easy. I did it when I was a teen. They'll have someone train you to use the cash register. It takes about 1-2 weeks before you pick up on how to do it without a sheet cheat depending on how complicated their cash register is. No big deal. Other than that, smile, and don't mess up the count.

2 years ago

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Its simple enough, they should show u the basics so no worries. Just go in with a positive attitude and it will show. And be confident, you dont want people knowing its ur first day.

by Brittany - 2 years ago