Should i start up a business ?

my uncle is a guitarist and he builded me a guitar from a kit and it is awesome. i heard that custom guitars sell in the $$$$. Do you think it would be a good idea?

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To take a kit, build it, and then resale it might make a few dollars. Figure out how long it takes to build one. Then see what the profit would be. Was it worth your time?
Now if you're going to start from scratch then you better learn everything that you can. It's not as easy as you might think. What will they be built of? Where will you get the materials? Costs? Equipment needed? Who is your customer? How are you going to sell them? On what websites? Local places? Do you need capital or employees to start? Just a few things to get you going.

2 years ago

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Well am not aware of this idea of selling the guitars. But i think there are some sites which sell of old home products. You can have a look at Google and am sure your guitar will get sold out in good amount.


by David - 2 years ago