How to use a cash register at a retail store?

ill be working at charlotte russe soon and im really nervous about the cash register (not good at math at all) I know that it will tell you the amounts but im kinda nervous about counting money, and dealing with credit and debit cards and checks. could somone explain how to use one? and any tips would also help... (its the computer cash register) I REALLY want to be good at my job and i think that once i learn how to use it that it'll be my favorite part about my job, im just scared about the math mostly.
charlotte russe is a retail clothing store.

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Please have an open mind.
It is easier than driving a car.
Easier than passing Algebra.
Take a small notebook and take notes. This may really help.

2 years ago

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THEY are going to train you how to use it, especially if it's a "computer cash register" also known as a POS system. It's going to be simple. You scan the items, type in the cash total, and it tells you the change.

I mean, is basic arithmetic that hard to you? If you can't subtract $83.64 from $90 then I don't know what to tell you.

by - - 2 years ago

All cash registers work differently. It depends on the brand of the cash register and also it depends on the programming. You will just have to learn that particular reister, they do not expect you to know it since there are so many different kinds. They will give you time and teach you how to operate it.

by stillbecky2000 - 2 years ago

Relax. Any math involved in 3rd grade stuff. If you can't operate a register you should be wearing a helmet when you go outside.

by Uncommon Sense - 2 years ago