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    Simple question about selling successful website?

    One thing I have always wondered, is that I have had a normal site selling advertising services online that has been successful for many years. If I sell this site, can't I just just create another site using the same principles of the successful site, using the same marketing campaigns which send all of the traffic to my site, and still be in business? Basically I would be selling a successful site and just changing the name and domain of it and keeping the same advertising for it and the new site would be just as successful methinks. So it is a win/win that I sell the original for a lot of money and maintain a new site that offers the same and get income from it as well correct? Do you know if this a common thing?
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    You are confusing two different things here. First, there's selling a domain, then there's selling a business. It sounds like you are referring to selling a business, that happens to be exclusively online. More than likely, the buyer would require a non-compete/non-disclose agreement to prevent the seller from competing for several years.
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