Where can i get Boost Mobile franchise details from?

I'm interested in opening a Boost Mobile franchise in my local area and trying to obtain some info on that. Any feedback?
ya I called VIP and American Wireless and neither one of them called me back. Haven't tried Gomobiledirect though
I did that already they are no help. They referred me to VIP and American Wireless, both of which seem kinda of useless...

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Gomobiledirect has a good program for selling Boost if you want to skip the extensive requirements and offer multiple carriers to boot. Otherwise VIP wireless could probably set you up. Beware of the latter though they will make you sign your first born away. Hope that helps!


2 years ago

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I agree with Mary I think Gomobiledirect is the way to go. American Wireless does the same as VIP wireless which I have had an account with in the past but they just have their hand in every part of my business and it makes it tough. I wound up selling the store back in July. They had have lowered my commissions 3x this year alone and dropped commissions on my handsets 4x in the 2 years I was with them! Frankly I think there are better options than Boost but if you are dead set on it have at it.

by Nancy - 2 years ago

Why don't you call Boost Mobile DIRECTLY and ask for information on becoming a reseller? They'll direct you to the right people.

by - - 2 years ago