I am starting a clothing boutique, but funding to open a store front and buy clothing are a problem?

I have filed all my business paperwork and purchased some clothing using my seller permit. I have been using my personal funds from my current job, but its just not enough to really get the business going. I would like to open a store but when I inquired about a few places it was about $2000 a month. So I figure starting out i will have to buy equipment for the store and have a few months rent covered. Any help would be appreciated.

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Why not rent a booth at a flea market.
And sell your things.
You need lots of capital to open a business.
It does not sound like you have this.

2 years ago

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Yes, it takes about $100,000 to start a clothing boutique = this will give you money to pay employee salaries when you are newly open.

by A Hunch - 2 years ago