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    How much money does the average independent coffee shop make in sales?

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    Tough question without much info. So let's use some assumptions here: The coffee shop is located on the high street of the city you're in. There's plenty of offices around with atleast 10 000 workers within about 2-3 miles distance of the coffee shop. On a weekday morning (depending on the addiction to coffee the people in a specific demographic have) you are looking at about selling between 200-500 cups of coffee a day. Other confectionaries that people eat with their coffee (like doughnuts, etc.) will also be between maybe 100-300 items sold per weekday morning. I would think that majority of sales would occur during the rush hour of the morning (like between 7-8) and maybe a milder sales rush at about 10am. Maybe some sales at around 1pm(lunch time) and maybe again at around 4pm. you're looking at selling on average about 400-1000 cups of coffee per weekday, if not more. The estimates are hard to make-up here, even with assumptions, so it may be easier to just speak to a coffee shop owner if you're still not satisfied.
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    • There are too many variables. You're asking, "How high is up?" It’s an impossible question to answer.

      by Henry - 10 hours ago

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