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    Who is my boss?? The owner of the shop or the manager?

    I just started working last wednesday at a tattoo shop. The owner of the shop is Jerrett and he as a wife who's name is Holly and she's the manager of the shop. I'm friends with both Jerrett and Holly on facebook, Jerrett sent me a message on facebook that said his wife had questions for me and gave me her number. Holly was the one who trained me. But i'm confused on who is my boss, is it just Holly that is my boss or is Jerrett also my boss??
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    Both are bosses, just the owner's word is final.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • you should treat both of them as ur bosses!

      by sanjay - 14 hours ago

    • Your immediate boss is the boss you listen to. If the "owner" overrules them or gives you new instructions, you obey the Owner by default.

      by Alby - 14 hours ago

    • Jerrett is yours, and Holly's boss. Holly is you boss when Jerrett is not at the shop. I don't think is very professional to Facebook with your bosses even if you are friends, and if any of them have something to discuss with you they should do it in person, not on FB. But that's my opinion.

      by loralaey - 14 hours ago

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