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    Business License: Laundromat/Barbershop/Nails Spa.. Possible?

    Hello all! I am interested in acquiring a small business in the state of MD by the end of the year. I would like to purchase an existing laundromat and install barber chairs and an area for manicures/pedicures. I intend to request Tenant Imporvement (TI) money in the lease negotiation to pay for the build out for ancillary income. Here's my question: Why dont I see more laundry/beautyspa combos? I know there is one in Kentucky. Does anyone know if there is a business license conflict between offering these services together in the US? .. or perhaps you could please tell me what part of my local government would be able to answer?
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    I agree, it would not be a very spa relaxing environment to get a mani/pedi in a laundromat. That and in some areas, most people have their own washer/drier--there are no more laundromats where I live as there was just no business. Start at the small business part of your local govt. Nail spas have their own governing, ate the state level (around the cosmetology section).
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    • Washing machines can be noisy. 30 can be very noisy.

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