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    How can i get money to start a small business when i dont have any assets?

    I would be happy to put my computer and digital garmet printer up as assets. As well as 35% of all profits untill payed back in full as well as an extra % profit for the investor. I need $30,000 to start a custom t shirt mall kiosk . I have done alot of research. Copy of the business plan can be provided.
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    Don't try the mall kiosk idea if you are broke. Mall kiosks have a huge overhead and most of the time are not worth your time. Star your business from home. Buy some blank T-shirts and the stuff you need to print on them. Open a free website: webs.com is a good start and start working on your brand. Order some business cards: vistaprint.ca is great and cheap Place ads on classified websites such as kijiji or cragslist Get a booth at a local farmers market or flee market where you are not stuck on a lease Tell all your friends and family about your new business.
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    • If you have no assets then only one thing can be helpful for you and that is knowledge. If you are good in work and your profession then you can earn a handsome amount by joining any online business or anyone else in which you are interested. I have read many cases like this and people earn writing articles for different websites and then start their own business by earning good income from this job. So, it will be useful for you to get enter in a business to make money online..

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