Starting a photo business with a friend, need help with a name?

We wanted a name that had some importance to us. It's a company for anything from newborn to wedding photography.

I have been doing it all alone and now she wants to join with me and make it bigger. Which is great.

I don't want to use just my name so anyways......we had a few ideas for a name. We wanted to make it more personal by using our daughters names someohow. daughters name is Georgia but thought it'd be cute to play with a Jack and Jill sort of our main idea was

George+Clare Studios

We call her George already sometimes.

Other ideas were mixing their middle names or mushing their names together like
Georgiaclaire Studios
Clairerose Studios
Mylarose Studios

Another idea was "little shop of photos'. But we're not a shop....soooo what do you think?

is the george+claire too odd?

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Heres some names I like

G&C or C&G
Pics or Pix
Snap Shot

Idk I'm also a photographer. I thought about coming out with a business, but decided to stick with Mallow And Steed.

My idea for mine was JAB for Josh And Brooke (My gf)


2 years ago

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george+claire take photos of anything


by thewantedfan - 2 years ago